I’m in this weird mental + eyes tired, but also thought-overflowing, wide-awake state.

Although my body isn’t as tired as my brain might be, I can’t seem to shut my thoughts off and just sleep..

like a normal person, in my time zone.

(it's 4:20AM PST? PDT? - Who know...


everything about this. lyrics & visuals.


DOPE LEMON - Honey Bones

The melodic soothing sound of sitars and the trippy sixties vibes, with bright minimal make up, all over this.


Andy Shauf - "The Magician"

How fucking fantastic is this visual compilation of what appears to be a slow motion collage animation?

My friend Dot shared this with me, enjoy this abso-freaking-lutely inspiring eye candy.


*comes up as the Wix.com website loads.

some happy thoughts and personality, I like.



Coachella was interesting, I went weekend 2 again this year, it's my 3rd time attending the festival. I missed it the year before having started my new position at MGM, so I celebrated the first year at my job at the very place I had to pass up on when I started. 



So I've been updating my website, and I'm thinking of submitting the changes, and publish however I don't want to half ass it, because I'm still adding work, and I'm sick of the current layout. what to do..


Found this photo of some old photographs from when I attended the Armory Arts in Pasadena and took some film classes. I kept all my test sheets, including over // under developed prints. I made a collage of these in one of my sketchbooks. I'm considering featuring some...


I took a break from writing blogs on my website. I Decided to bring it back as I do enjoy writing, but occasionally wonder if I should share. I aim to share more of my personal design projects, what inspires me, and interviews with other fellow creatives.


The Women's March was such a historic movement that took place nationwide as women united together to stand up for their beliefs. Despite a few pit falls, 2017 has been uniting people in unexpected ways. What a time to be a girl alive!

Featured are some of my...


I was originally gonna post this a month ealier, but decided to hold off til we got a little closer to that time of the year again when Downtown Las Vegas gets extra Beautiful...


For the past two years I had the priveledge to work on some projects, through FW, for Life...




While cleaning out my computer, I came across some pictures from my last employers creative space.

Last summer the office was going through a relocation and remodeling. I was incharge of picking out vibrant carpet and paint swatches for the new workspce. The exterior...


As mentioned in the prior post, I wanted to explain why I chose to use this specific tagline.


On ocassion clients have a vision of what they would like created, but dont know how to execute it. Talking with them about their initial concepts, exchange ideas, and allowin...


I was recently asked the question above this evening during a LinkedIn conversation with an old classmate from AILV. After picking my brain to provide a helpful answer, I came up with the response below. The question also made me wonder, since we all have different way...


In Honor of my very first blog post on my website and #FBF I am posting this Design I created lastweek. As a vibrant self reminder to stay motivated, disciplined, and focus on the bigger picture and goals I want to accomplish. Welcome to my blog!

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