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Coachella '17

Coachella was interesting, I went weekend 2 again this year, it's my 3rd time attending the festival. I missed it the year before having started my new position at MGM, so I celebrated the first year at my job at the very place I had to pass up on when I started.

As we arrived Thursday morning, the energy as you enter the campgrounds is so hype. Everyone was ready to party and just blasted music got on top of cars and danced around from car to car as the line of vehicles slowly moved in little by little. I've gone with a different group each time, the group I went with this time was kind enough to let me crash their site, and so diverse, My friend Niyen, being an adventure and fun loving Burner, had Burning Man veteran desert roughin' it savvy friends who kept everyone cool with an amazing science fair project looking air conditioning they assembled made from a bucket, it felt amaaazing.

Day 1: The first band I started with were The Paranoids, who I first heard of through various Instagram posts, one made by Ed Templeton. I couldn't help but tag the band in my Insta Story and check out their live post even as I stood there watching them in front of me haha. They performed in the Sonora tent, which I was pleasantly surprised had air conditioning, so appreciated the sun was brutal, I got a nice tan even with sun block. The Sonora tent had some cool installations and murals. These green reptile looking hands with pink painted fingernails were some of the firs to catch my eye.

I am always inspired by the installations, murals and art surroundings, I was a little bummed there was no roaming installations like the giant astronauts and butterflies from the past.

To be honest it's a bit of a blurr to remember exactly everything as it happened so fast overall, I didn't take too many pictures, shocking, but alas here are a few photos of things I did save from my Instagram stories.

Day 2: Is kinda hazey, I missed a few more bands on account of how brutal the sun was, to stay cool we started the second day at Dolab. The second night was interesting I was observant as usual and felt a bit sensitive I suppose to people but it got real weird when I tripped out I had roaches in my hair they turned out to look like plastic toys.. I quickly tossed so no one would notice they came from my hair hah..I don't even know.. I grabbed one and calmly looked at my hand, I tried not to scream like a crazy person, figure out wtf it was exactly, and who put it in my hair, it looked like a plastic toy but still finding a fucking plastic roach that came from the back of my head WTF!! What's weird is I had just gotten my hair done, I must admit I got a bit suspicious but whatever. The highlight of the night was eating a delicious popsicle and dancing the DJ Snake then Justice who was amaaazing. I'd been wanting to catch Justice in person for years since high school, I used to have her live stuff on my old iPod and the energy just sounded so thrilled, so I had high expectations on this particular performance did not disappoint.

Day 3: I caught Hans Zimmerman which was soo good and theatrical. I met an event planner named Diane who had such friendly comforting relaxed vibes, I knew we'd be friends. She got us some Cute scarf souvenirs from the HP booth she was working. I'll admit I had only heard a few Kendrick Lamar songs but his performance made me a fan of both his lyrics and visuals. I wish I had footage but it's worth looking up on YouTube. He had a part where he begins to levitate, then his body split into 3 of him floating stacked in faint drifting opacities.

I wasn't originally planning on going this year, but after seeing the line up especially Radiohead, which i'd been wanting to see for yearsss made me want to go even more. I did want ot see Beyoncé but Lady Gaga was cool. My friend Niyen was so stokeddd, I knew he liked her but I didn't realize this much, he bolted when she came on haha. Good times.


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