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Badass Babes

The Women's March was such a historic movement that took place nationwide as women united together to stand up for their beliefs. Despite a few pit falls, 2017 has been uniting people in unexpected ways. What a time to be a girl alive!

Featured are some of my favorite signs I came across on various social media platforms, which these bad ass babes proudly held up.

Via Tumblr: “Ever since Trump got elected, I feel like there’s been a lot of hate, and people have felt comfortable showing their hatred. Coming from a family of immigrants, and being a woman and minority, I just want to make sure I’m heard and not forgotten.” - Jewel

Love the vibrant varied color use as diversity.

As seen via Instagram:

marinasdaily:@marinadiamandis : Women’s March, LA. My heart was so glad to see just as many men marching as women. We are finally uniting. For real.

Word use clever as f*ck!

Via Instagram:

lea_bia: To all my girls out there ✌🏼#womensmarchnyc

All about the GIRL POWER!!

via Tumblr:

As spotted by @chipir at the Women’s March in Washington DC

Most appropriate in respect for the late Carrie Fisher.

I read somewhere a museum will display some of the signs from this women's movement, I hope this is true, if so I will definitely try to check them out.

What are some of your favorite? Comment with pictures below.


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