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Designed for a class assignment creation of a billboard, I decided to create something distinct from my peers, straying from the typical highway elevated roadside advertisements, but saw an opportunity for an environmental opportunity. I created something people could  notice from a distance, and approach to find once up close the ability to touch and interact with at eye level, for the purpose of extending visibility, beyond the environment placed upon, but to be photographed and shared on platforms such as Instagram.
Designed as an entrance for a bungalow community inspired by Bungalow Heaven in Pasadena California. I created two variations for budget options as well as street positioning. The Drive under entrance would prohibit larger trucks and vehicles such as motor homes to enter, if prohibited, as well as a stone brick side entrance, resembling the craftsman style porches of the bungalows. The fonts and colors were also chosen as representation of the 1920's art deco style, and natural earth tones of the homes.
This project was not assigned to me, however coming from an experience driven background in events, I was inspired to pitch an idea of making the bar columns into an environmental design that would immerse guests into a Chinese New Years Celebration. Created to be repurposed for future years of various animals.
Version A: 
Dye cut "WE" in larger bulb neon, "SHOW" in outline neon stroke.
Version B: 
Dye cut "WE" in larger bulb neon, "SHOW" in outline neon, with center stroke.
Version C: 
Dye cut "WE" in multiple dot bulb neon, "SHOW" in outline neon, with center stroke.
Version D: 
Dye cut "WE" in multiple dot bulb neon, "SHOW" in outline neon, stroke.
This project was to conceptualize and present ideas for back of house branding ideas that could be used across all properties, featuring the existing employee showcase campaigns, in which I muted the surrounding "stages" allowing for the more vibrant employees highlighted, and framed by the feature dye cut gold frames, and Marquee displaying the S.H.O.W. basics.
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