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Let's Create Something Together.

As mentioned in the prior post, I wanted to explain why I chose to use this specific tagline.

On ocassion clients have a vision of what they would like created, but dont know how to execute it. Talking with them about their initial concepts, exchange ideas, and allowing time to brainstorm with them is my favorite way of collaborating.

I do enjoy creative freedom. Although some clients openly admit they have no idea what they want, and just know they need a design leaving it up to you, it is ultimately a combined effort regardless. Whether it commonly be a logo, business card, Tshirt, flyer, banner etc, once you have some ideas going for them to approve or change they will let you know their thoughts on what you present them. With my design eye and communicative suggestions on both ends, we come to a completion..

While searching for answers on why working together works, I came across the quote below which resonates to my design motto.

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."

-Henry Ford

In this search I also came across the paradox on why in certain senerios collective projects have failed, however they also explain why the most succesful collaboratios have succeeded. "Find teammates who do something you can’t...The lesson: Collaborations are most effective when teammates complement rather than replicate one another’s abilities. Skill duplication leads to power struggles." I linked the source for the article below.




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