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Delivering Happiness, Literally.

I was originally gonna post this a month ealier, but decided to hold off til we got a little closer to that time of the year again when Downtown Las Vegas gets extra Beautiful...

For the past two years I had the priveledge to work on some projects, through FW, for Life is Beautiful in DTLV, and it was really such an honor of an experience, especially during the first introductions of the music festival. To know all the time and work that people put into these productions, partake behind the scenes with the install crews, and work with the creative minds who put the festival together for everyone to enjoy, really made me appreciate the event that much more.

I got to mock up and brand a number of activities, and signs through out the footprint, like the "Reason's Why I Love You" giant retro television, the foose ball and bean bag toss game in the partners pad section, the sponsorship frames I even got to over see being painted then install, and the giant heart a top the main stage!

Little things here and there to name a few, but one of the smaller yet impactful projects, that still makes me smile big just thinking about, was making the vector for the smiley faced balloons that were handed out through out the 3 days of the event. Seeing the happy faces everywhere, knowing where they all came from, who was handing them out the process of finding the people to pass them out, etc. As silly as it sounds, each time we saw another make it out alive by the end of the night, though smiling at every one, it was like they were smiling extra big back at us (who spent time inflating, tying strings, and passing them out, and drove to pick up the nozzle *cough cough*). I guess the best way I could try to describe it was feeling like 'proud mamas', happy to see that another one of the hundreds, although rubbery and full of helium, balloon 'babies' had survived the heat, crowds, and hadn't popped. It was just a slighty more meaningful I suppose... Hahah!

I love how LiB chose to cleverly spread Tony Hsieh's motto of "Delivering Happiness" because although at a much smaller scale, merely partaking in the handouts of those smiley faced happy balloons, it felt good to see them handed out, witnessing how something so small yet symbolic could still make people smile. To deliver that happines, was happiness in itself. Which just makes me think what a great message was chosen to be shared and that we helped LiB make it happen.

Although I wont be partaking in the production of LiB this year, the experiences I was fortunate to partake on the past two years, definitely hold memorable moments in my career, while working at my last employers for that alone of many unforgettable moments I am so grateful. :)


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