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Surrounded by T-shirt + print design during my first job, I developed an understanding of effective product packaging, window displays + merchandising. While an apparel graphics intern, I learned more about the elaborate process of screen printing file prep for various items and treatments. Shortly after graduating, in the fast-paced event industry, I enhanced my skills in branding and Environmental Design, collaborated with multiple planners and interior designers, occasionally varying timezones. I also contributed on blogs and content for social media + marketing, as well as company branding. While a Multimedia Designer, I participated in creating Maps, Menus, Apps, Venue Screens, Marquees, and more. Currently collaborating with a local music venue and small business alike.

My personal style usually features a touch of the past, has bright colors, a feminine edge. Born in Mexico, raised in California, a graduate of The Art Institute of Las Vegas, Designer by day, lurking art in a city near you, creating + gathering inspiration 24/7. Hobbies include contributing to #gluepaperscissors + #loveletterer via Instagram @designwithKB. I look forward to growing in my career, wherever it may take me.

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