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Photo Editing - Before + After
In efforts to provide information at check-in / registration desks, to increase guest experience, Excalibur front desk employees presented the tablet app, in which arriving guests could instantly view details of various room upgrades available during their stay. Excalibur photoshoots were arranged for multiple room layouts to be photographed and showcase he best features and amenities of each room for any occasion. Although the rooms were neat and orderly ready for guests to arrive, we smoothed out the bed wrinkles, slight imperfections, and adjusted brightness.
Bellagio is the only MGM property which features tablet menus for Dessert & Alcoholic beverages including but not limited to wine, cocktails, beer, and more varying per restaurant. The Multimedia creative department often collaborated with F&B Managers, Chefs, Bartenders alike per venue, on maintaining the latest menu presentation of the drink and dessert photos each season. The photoshoots usually occurred location to capture the essence of the restaurants, in a team effort setting up the camera gear, including multiple lights and reflectors depending on the display, as the designers would often participate to also provide suggestions on how to frame the images since we would be the editors, on how to best fit the iPad menu layout while also seize cross training opportunities to work with the various equipment.
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