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Product Page

I took on my first massive UX / UI project within the company of redesigning and recreating the entire Product Page layout, the most visited sections of the ecommerce website, featuring all the most important details,enticing the customers to purchase based on the information provided. Layouts were created to be responsive in both Desktop and Mobile viewing.

Rewards Program

Size Guide

I created the Hey Dude Shoes Size Chart Guide Per customer feedback, requesting to feature a section for all the shoe size conversions per country, for Men's, Women's, and Youth shoe sizes. I opted for an easy-to-follow minimal chart, with a header on top, chosen to feature multiple styles. Two versions were created for Desktop and Mobile, which is where most customers did their purchasing.

Order Tracking

The website needed an update to include the Order Tracking page, I created multiple options to provide the information as seen on the left. The Delivery timeline needed to be featured along with the purchased items and shipping details. Concluded with social media lifestyle feed.
The rewards program and tiers section of the website needed an update as the incentives varied. The page layout was created with The Rewards Program emails in mind, leading back to the corresponding page, with an easily identified cohesive format. View the concept process Figma layout functions for Desktop & Mobile.

Earth Day Promo

A promotional landing page was created for Earth Day, educating the customers about the materials and the fabrication process. I incorporated the materials onto the layout along with lifestyle images featuring the sustainable shoe styles promoted in the eco-friendly collections.

Good News Blog

The website blog needed an update, I laid out the desktop and mobile versions demonstrating the overall views featuring all the stories, as well as the story post layouts.
Desktop_GNB_all posts_V3.jpg
Desktop_GNB_Read Post_V3.jpg


The website needed an update to include more in-depth answers and information for all the Frequently Asked Questions.
Minimal design for customers to reference at a glance, within an organized layout to easily navigate. View the Figma concept layouts for Desktop & Mobile.
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