More than a Logo, an entire Brand Identity to be applied on collateral items, which may vary per business, for instant company recognition.

Brand Identity

Goal-driven design, ideal for brand awareness, enhancing promotional events and strategies, through enticing visuals targeting your audience demographic.

Marketing Design

Got a specialty project? Let's chat about it! Unique requests keep things interesting, always curious to learn about potential opportunities.

Creative Collaboration

Creating to catch your eye, visuals that demand attention, and strategically communicate.

My personal style usually features a touch of the past, has bright colors, a feminine edge. Hobbies include making paper collages, placed on tote bags, available in my shop, and contributing to #gluepaperscissors + #loveletterer via Instagram @designwithKB


Born in Mexico, raised in California, a graduate of The Art Institute of Las Vegas, Designer by day, lurking art in a city near you, creating + gathering inspiration 24/7.

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