I've always been imaginative + visual, with a tendency of gravitating towards art most. Lured by imagery + typography of magazines + campaigns, since a kid I've created collages. It was later in high school film photography + video production classes, I discovered amusement in the process of editing.

Surrounded by T--shirt + print design during my first job, I developed an understanding of effective product packaging, window displays + merchandising. While an apparel graphics intern, I learned the process of screen printing file prep. Shortly after graduating, in the fast paced event industry, I enhanced various skills in branding, 3D + Environmental Design. I also developed a deeper interest in social media + marketing.

My personal style usually features a touch of the past, has bright colors.

Born in Mexico, raised in California, graduate of The Art Institute of Las Vegas, currently collaborating on projects. Designer by day, lurking art in a city near you, creating + gathering inspiration 24/7. Hobbies include contributing to #gluepaperscissors + #loveletterer via Instagram @designwithKB. I look forward to growing in my career, wherever it may take me.