Growing up I was exceptionally imaginative, and have always been very visual. I had the tendency to gravitate towards graphic art, prior to realizing design was a career I could pursue. My initial admiration rooted from magazines and campaigns, the imagery and typography lured me in. I took some film photography and video production classes in high school, which was where I discovered how much I enjoy the process of editing.


Through out my first job, I developed an attraction to not only apparel graphics, but also the functionality of product packaging, window displays and merchandising. During my time as a designer in the event planning industry, I enhanced multiple skills such as branding, 3D + Environmental Design, I also gained an interest for social media and marketing.


am constantly noticing design details, and gathering inspiration of whatever I find influential to my own creations. Some of my hobbies include doodling letterforms, laying out paper collages, and borrowing friend's camera lenses to shoot whatever catches my eye.


With a diverse amount of interests within and related to my field, it allows me to enthusiastically submerge myself into multiple forms of design and production. I was born in Mexico, raised in California, graduated from The Art Institute of Las Vegas, currently collaborating on projects, as I look forward to continuing my career, contributing effective solutions from concept to completion wherever it may take me.

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